Discovering Ace Pickleball Club – Ready to Revolutionize the Pickleball Game

Pickleball is a sport that takes elements from tennis, badminton, and table tennis and melds them together using rackets.[0] A game similar to tennis is played on a court with a net, where players use paddles to strike a perforated polymer ball over the net.[0] This game is suitable for both singles and doubles, and is enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.[0]

In the last few years, pickleball has experienced unprecedented growth, with the USA Pickleball Association reporting 36.5 million people playing the sport in 2022.[1] Despite its popularity, there is a void in the market for high quality indoor pickleball facilities that provide year-round access to players of all ages and skill levels. Local city halls and planning departments across the country have started to limit hours of operations or completely shut down outdoor courts due to noise complaints, making indoor facilities even more essential.[1]

Recognizing this need, Ace Pickleball Club is set to debut their franchise offering of innovative indoor pickleball facilities in early 2023, featuring between eight to sixteen regulation size courts in a climate controlled environment.[2] The facilities will provide the optimal player experience including vibrant music, on court technology for live streaming and instant replay, and social and event space.

Jay Diederich and Joe Sexton, founders and leaders in the franchise industry, have created Ace Pickleball Club, and will begin offering franchises for development across the US in February of 2023.[1] Their executive team combines 70+ years of experience across all departments and has a successful track record of developing big box recreational franchise concepts.[2] Investors include Andy Stenzler, Doug Birer, Eric Simon, Nena Mass, Tabish Jesrai and Mohammad Omar, Workweek Capital, and Wendy Selevitch.[1]

Whether you’re just starting out or a professional player, pickleball sets can offer convenience and a great intro to the game.[0] We recommend the Niupipo Explorer Pro Pickleball Paddle for those looking to take their game to the next level, and the Niupipo Fiberglass Starry Circle Pickleball Paddle for beginners.[3] However, buying a pickleball set is also about having a great time and getting a little exercise.[4]

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